Douglas Drossman


     Prof. Dr. Douglas Drossman - SUA

Professor Emeritus of Medicine and Psychiatry, Univesity of North Carolina School of Medicin

President, Drossman Center
for the Education and Practice of Integrated Care



Guy Boeckxstaens


     Prof. Dr. Guy Boeckxstaens - Belgia

Faculty of Medicine, KU Leuven

Translational Research Center for Gastrointestinal Disorders

Lecture topic:  New insights in the pathophysiology of IBS


Tomica Milosavlijevici


     Prof. Dr. Milosavlijevici Tomica - Serbia

School of Medicine University of Belgrade

Former Minister of Health



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      Prof. Dr. Meri Trajkovska - Macedonia

Lecture topic: IBS and FGID in Macedonia



       Prof. Dr. Radu Tutuian - Switzerland

Bern University Hospital

University Clinic for Visceral Surgery and Medicine     Lead Gastrointestinal Outpatient Services and Function Disorders

Lecture topic:  HRM: gold standard in diagnosing achalasia?

Bordin Dmitry


     Assoc. Prof. Dmitry Bordin - Rusia

Tver States Medical Academy

Healthcare Institution of Moscow «Moscow Clinical Scientific Center»

Lecture topic: GERD prevalence and treatment in primary care patients in Russia



Agata Mulak


      Assoc. Prof. Agata Mulak - Polonia

Wroclaw Medical University

Adjunct Professor of Medicine, Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Lecture topic: Management of irritable bowel syndrome in Poland


Goran Hauser


      Assist. Prof. Goran Hauser - Croatia

Clinical Hospital Centre Rijeka

University of Rijeka, School of Medicine



Mirjana Rajilic Stojanović


      Assist. Prof. Mirjana Rajilic Stojanović - Serbia

University of Belgrade

Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology



Dr. Stefan Mitev - Bulgaria

UMHAT "Sv. Ivan Rilski" Sofia

Clinic of Gastroenterology

Lecture topic: IBS and FGID in Bulgaria

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      Dr. Mirzabey Rustamov - Belarus

Belarusian State Medical University

Department of Cardiology and Internal Medicine
Division of Gastroenterology

Lecture topic: Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Diagnosis and treatment. Experience in Belarus


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      Dr. Beate Niesler - Germany

University Hospital Heidelberg

Institute of Human Genetics
Department of Human Molecular Genetics

Lecture topic: Resolving the enigma of genetic factors in Irritable Bowel Syndrome - a challenging endeavour